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Pamper your ORENDA boots!

With our ORENDA boots, we have chosen very high quality suede calfskin! This pair made in Portugal promises a lot of comfort with its soft leather interior.

We'll explain how to pamper them!


Suede calfskin deserves special attention by protecting it from the rain; we recommend that you waterproof them with a special suede spray before even wearing them!

However, the waterproofing is temporary and you will have to start again regularly.

Preserve the sole

We advise you to have a full pad fitted to the front of the boots from a shoemaker in order to protect the sole!

You can also have your pair of ORENDA boots resoled, which will allow you to protect them and keep them longer.

What about tasks?

As with leather, you can clean suede calfskin with clean water and a special suede shampoo to keep the material clean and silky!

Start by dusting the shoe and using a shoe tree to preserve the shape of the shoe. With a dedicated sponge, distribute the product evenly, lathering it and focusing on the stains. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and leave to dry away from any heat source. Finally, use a crepe brush to regain the velvety texture of the material.

And There you go ! Your beautiful pair of ORENDA boots will keep their light winter color and will keep your legs warm all winter long!

You can also entrust your pair to a shoemaker specializing in leather who will know how to maintain them very well for you!

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