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Episode 5 - Stories of Sense: textures by Églantine


Eglantine, the hair in the palm of the hands.


All the hair she touches is transformed into refined materials. Églantine has a gift: that of dialoguing with hair.
For this new episode, we wanted to introduce you to Églantine. Originally from the Landes, her hairstyle echoes the sea and sweet memories of summer.

Today Plume takes you to discover a woman whose sensitivity and touch awaken the most beautiful energies.


Céline LI: Hello Eglantine, can you introduce yourself?
Églantine: I am Eglantine and I am a hair stylist.

Céline LI: What is your relationship with hair?
Églantine: I love natural hair and its organic look. I always work to create a texture close to a beach outing. I grew up in the Landes where hair is most of the time full of sun and sea salt...

Céline LI: What sense is most awakened when you work with hair?
Églantine: For me, touch is a major sense in my job. Of course I always touch my client's hair first, therefore the person or the model I am going to do the hair. And it’s really something I love.

Céline LI: What are the senses and sensations that make you feel good?
Eglantine: Smell is important, I like the smell of immortelles when I climb the dune from the beach...

Céline LI: What is your relationship like with your clients?
Églantine: I'm quite attentive to my clients, I like to reconcile them with their hair because they arrive saying that they don't like it. And this is often the case... When you have them straight you want them curly, and when you have them curly you want them straight. And I love telling them that I'm going to make them love their hair.
When I discover my client's personality, ideas come to me quickly.

Céline LI: What are your anchors?
Églantine: What is very important to me: my lover, my children, my family cocoon to stay focused on myself and on true things. Because I often work on shoots and things that sell us dreams, I find it very important to have someone, an anchor point.
Friends are very important, I realized this when I lived in
London. I lived there for 10 years, and I had to recreate my family to have this cocoon and feel at home and safe. So friends are very, very important.

Céline LI: Can you tell us about your favorite place in the world and describe it?

Églantine: Wherever my friends are and as I have friends all over Europe, it's very practical. In reality, I like several places for very different reasons: London, for its eclecticism where everything is possible, Provence and its light, its small typical villages and great food under the olive trees and, of course, the Pine Forest , the Landes beaches, which stretch out as far as the eye can see... Anywhere where I feel free in short!

Céline LI: A piece of clothing that makes you feel really good? What do you prefer?
Églantine: Currently, an XXL green Naf Naf suit from 1990...

Céline LI: What is your relationship with beauty? What is beauty for you?
Églantine: For me, beauty is subjective. I'm very curious and I don't like people who prescribe beauty. I believe that living in London has opened my mind... and my perception of beauty. I am therefore very eclectic in my relationship to beauty. I would say that balance and harmony characterize beauty for me.

Thank you to Églantine for taking the time to share her passion and love with the PLUME team.

Meet Églantine at Dream Hair Jaguar Shoes.

Address: 93 Avenue des Tisserands, 40150 Soorts-Hossegor

Instagram :@dreamhairhaguarshoes

Website: eglantinereigniez.com

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