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Day after day, year after year, our skin reflects all our experiences:

“From age to age, our skin accompanies us like the garment of our soul, like a unique link between being and appearance, between identity and the place it occupies in society”

This is how Isabelle Margnat , Doctor of Pharmacy, establishes the inseparable link between our skin and who we are.

At PLUME , we wanted to talk to you about the largest and heaviest organ in our body, as well as one of the most beautiful, and certainly the most sensual in our body.

There is nothing more true than what comes from our senses. The feeling of feet in the sand, hugs, the caress of a fabric on the skin.

The skin is therefore a reflection of what we are inside. It provides information in the blink of an eye about the countless sensations we experience. Because, if it is obviously associated with touch, it also transmits a color to sight, an odor to smell and a flavor to taste.

The construction of what we are is done through the skin

Indeed, the baby that we are at birth becomes aware of his being, his body, his individuality thanks to skin to skin. While we do not know that language exists, nor that we think, it is the caresses in the first days and months of our existence that make us understand that we exist.

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Growing up and discovering who we are is therefore intimately linked to the caresses and massages that we receive from our early childhood and then throughout our lives.

It's incredible to imagine to what extent in our society, the skin and our relationship to it are so little highlighted.


The hormone of love and happiness

The oxytocin released into our organs during strong emotions, such as childbirth and lovemaking, helps reduce stress and regulate our emotions. It also helps us with our memory, facilitates our self-confidence and our connection to others.

We are all capable of triggering it, through caresses, cuddles, or by rocking, kissing, making love, receiving or giving a massage.

So what are we waiting for? 😊

Isabelle Margnat in her book On the Skin, explains that the more pleasant the information perceived by the skin, the more beneficial the message transmitted to the brain will be.

“Taking care, beautifying our skin, preserving it, also means strengthening the confidence we have in ourselves, in order to better reach out to others.”

How to choose your clothing to better protect it?

If the desired goal is to have the most pleasant texture possible in contact with the skin, natural fiber fabrics should be preferred, particularly in our temperate climates.

The natural fibers to favor in summer are cotton and linen because they have the ability to slightly filter UV rays. Without stopping them completely, they thus contribute to moderate protection by limiting sun exposure. Although they cover all parts of the body, they do not completely limit the synthesis of vitamin D.

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