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There are more than 30,000 of you who follow and support us. We say thank you, thank you for your support, your sharing and your sweet words every day.

Since the beginning of the PLUME Paris adventure, we have wanted to offer you quality products, made in accordance with know-how while avoiding overproduction.

15 months ago now, we opted for a slow-fashion approach with pre-order sales. Following your pre-orders, and to be able to offer you exchanges on your favorite pieces, we are ordering 20% ​​additional pieces.

Over time, this 20% is not always used up and we sometimes find ourselves with a small residue of parts from previous generations. Put end to end, that leaves us with a few hundred pieces on our hands. It may not be much, but they are still quality products that are lying dormant with our logistician.

This is why today PLUME Paris has chosen to offer you an archive sale once or twice a year depending on remaining stocks. A commitment that resembles the brand and is part of the continuity of a vision established around slow fashion.

From today and for 3 weeks only, certain wonders will be offered to you at a lower price than their price. These are not sales because this additional stock that we order is essential to be able to offer you an exchange service in your pre-order process.

Céline explains it all to you in this video:

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These archives will last until June 21 and will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

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