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Sophie Trem: “The good mood woman”

She embodies joyful entrepreneurship , her eyes sparkle and there's no need to wait very long when you meet her before the laughter do not fuse. Good humor is in her and she has made it her job.

His Instagram accounts @theotherartofliving and @thegoogmoodclass, respectfully, have almost 60K and 9K subscribers to the good vibes and at PLUME we love that!

During a day on the Arcachon basin just before confinement, Sophie Trem took part in a girls' shoot for PLUME.

We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Sophie took the time from confinement to answer them. You will discover or rediscover a sincere and inspiring woman.

If you had to describe yourself...

Hello, my name is Sophie, I am 39 1/2, 2 children, I am the founder of the blog The Other art of living and The Good Mood Class (TGMC)
I live in Paris and on weekends in Normandy (during full-time confinement ;)

Can you explain to us what the GOOD MOOD CLASS is? Where and how did you find this idea?

The TGMC is an event to learn how to reactivate your good mood through the body and mind in 5 key points.

Basically it was just the anniversary of my blog 3 years ago, I wanted to thank my readers for coming from the 4 corners of France, and I told myself that I wanted to thank them in another way: to give them things that they could keep within themselves to improve their daily lives because if they follow me it is because they are a bit like me, a former stressed fat person who is taking care of herself and is always looking for ways to get better!
And on the side, in my previous job, I was responsible for creating a search engine. I was nicknamed The Chief Good Mood Officer, so we called this birthday The Good Mood Class, a little without doing it on purpose and it stuck!
Subsequently, people started asking me to do it elsewhere, we did it all over France, then in companies where I adapted the method for employees!

What is your morning routine?

In the morning, I always have a little trouble getting up because I tend to go to bed a little late, even if I have improved a lot!
So in the morning it's a bit of a rush, I take the little one to school, and I get to work right after. If I don't go out, I'm often in sweat leggings with very little makeup, however I prepare honey ginger turmeric lemon infusions every day to boost my immune system. Once a week I have a yoga class with my private teacher who has been following me for almost 3 years, or otherwise I go to the gym to do a little sport.
In general, the morning passes very quickly; between work and sometimes lunches, I try to do as many things as possible before 6 p.m., because when the children are here then it's over, before I worked a lot in the evening when they went to bed but I no longer do that, or very rarely, because I really didn't sleep enough, and above all I learned to "let go" what is not done will be done later, priority to health and well-being :)

Where do you get this routine from?

I tested a lot, I had difficulty finding the balance between my professional and personal life, especially since I often work from home if I am not at the client's site. So I had to put in place a form of flexible balance that allows me to be efficient and reactive, after months, or even years, I have the impression that it's starting to be quite good ;p
So this routine is linked to experience, but whatever happens the main thing is to feel good and above all to adapt because nothing is ever acquired, the proof today with confinement and this unprecedented situation , all routines are turned upside down and modified!

Today you are a woman entrepreneur, can you explain this choice to us?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs so I already had the desire when I was young, but an experience that didn't end well at 22 made me change my mind and even traumatized me, so I convinced myself that it wasn't for me. But with time and experience I saw that I was much too independent, I had the impression of always going around in circles in a company and above all I always found myself facing the same patterns / profiles that I didn't like. not. I found the corporate environment too rigid and, above all, too many ego games rather than common sense, and I clearly had a hard time with that. My first big questioning took place 7 years ago when I started to freelance, but I was hired by the company, but 3 years ago I felt the need to leave because the system really no longer suited me and above all I wanted to try the adventure with this emerging Good Mood Class. I told myself for the first time that I was ready, that I was no longer afraid and that it was time to take the plunge completely!

Does being an entrepreneur require you to have a particular lifestyle?

Yes more than ever, I only depend on myself, I have to be in physical and mental shape, so I optimize my well-being as much as possible, I am always looking for how to improve or how I can do better!

How do you find your work/personal life balance?

I always work much better. But clearly, as I have been asking myself this question for a very long time now and as I see entrepreneurship as a marathon, I know how essential it is not to run out of steam, to recover and take breaks regularly, and that is is pretty new, but it’s life changing! It's taking breaks to be in great shape and at the top when you have to give your all, especially since part of my job like the Good Mood Class requires a lot of energy.

And concretely, what does that mean?

I try to alternate my activities so that I never get bored, advice / TGMC, and recently I started selling online so I imagine products. I work from home or for clients, and generally speaking, I need to get out and move around a lot, meet people. In the evening, I almost never go out, and on weekends I recharge my batteries with family .

Your biggest favorite as an entrepreneur?

Freedom! Being able to do what I want, manage my time and be responsible for my life. After all, this freedom has a price, I am well aware of it!

Your biggest blow?

At the very beginning of the adventure, I was lent a great office within a creative agency. After 6 months, overnight, I had to give up the office, it shook me up a lot, but I learned a lot, and I noticed that hard knocks can often turn into real strengths. Since then I have been working from home, I have a stock in the basement, I no longer waste any time traveling, and above all I have understood that nothing can ever be taken for granted, and that we must always leave room for room for the unexpected, that’s reality!

Can you tell us about some upcoming projects?

Now with this period of confinement, nothing is sure (hahaha).
But I have been working on a project for 2 and a half years which should see the light of day soon :) My dream is to make the Goodmood class @work as accessible to all companies and of course that people know that they have the possibility of reactivate their good mood at any time, so it’s a vast program!

What advice would you give to a woman who would like to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship?

Let her listen to herself, and above all make her happy, let her have fun, otherwise it's not worth it LOL

On a lighter note, what is your relationship with the materials you wear?

I like natural materials because I've always had sensitive skin and eczema, so materials that don't itch ;p

A memory with a particular item of clothing?

Sometimes, I have favorite clothes. Often, they are linked to good times, good memories, so I feel good with them! I often wear the same thing during Good Mood Classes, because I feel that I need to be completely well to be able to share this moment with people, so clothes are part of well-being!

Your favorite piece in the PLUME capsule?

The HAPPY dress of course :)

If PLUME wanted to create your favorite piece, what would it be?

At the moment with the good weather arriving,  I would say a beautiful light 3/4 jacket with a print in the style of the HAPPY dress!

WHAT if the PLUME community could help you on a project? What would you imagine?

Share the 5 key points of TGMC with the whole world!

The 5 key points of the TGMC

Our posture

It plays an important role in our life, because our body needs to be well anchored in the ground. It also needs to stand up straight for all our organs to function properly.


Likewise, the body needs to be well oxygenated to function well. We must therefore breathe well because even more important than what we eat or what we drink, what we breathe and how we breathe has a huge impact on our life.

Here and now

To feel good in your life and send good things to the universe, you have to live in the present moment. No longer dwelling on the past, no longer anticipating the future.

Positive thought

It seems obvious, but to be happy, you have to think positively. That means even when difficulties come! And to do this, you have to know how to turn the negative into a positive. There is always good to come from difficult situations.


Let it be” as the Beatles said. We must accept things as they are, people as they are, the misfortunes that occur in our lives... Because we can change the things that concern us but there are plenty of things about which we do not. we have no control. So you might as well accept them to feel better.

To contact Sophie Trem, organize a Good Mood Class, or change your daily life with her notebooks, go to her website:


Sophie alternately wears our HOLISTIC knit, as well as the SPLENDIDE skirt and her favorite the HEURUSE ethnic dress.

Photo credits: Camille Pouget and Céline Lescure Inquel

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