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During the process of creating ANDREA ankle boots , we were lucky enough to be contacted by one of the most prestigious workshops in Portugal, whose expertise with the biggest luxury brands simply amazed us.

You will love these ankle boots that appeal to our little girls' dreams. We'll explain why and how to wear them in style.

Be careful, you're sure to fall in love!


This summer, as you take off your sandals and slide your feet into the sand, you are far from thinking about your return to school. But to get the stars, you need the right scale, and ours has an 8 cm heel!

Since its launch on Saturday July 17, the ANDREA ankle boots are available at a price of €245 for pre-order instead of €299 once they are in stock. Delivered in the very first days of October.

Boots have a great history at PLUME, remember, these ankle boots are the third little cousins ​​of our very first ORENDA boots for which you helped us during their creation.

ANDREA's strengths: stylish, comfortable and durable

Made in Portugal in one of the most popular workshops of major luxury brands, they have everything to please. With their smooth cowhide leather interior, they are as soft as they are durable. You will slip your feet into them like slippers, we don't sacrifice comfort for style.

The sole is also made of very high quality leather.

Their design provides very good ankle support and running with them will not be a problem, even with an 8 cm heel.

The pre-order system allows us to offer you these wonders at the price of €245 .


It’s scientifically proven that glitter makes you happy!

We're willing to bet that a little smile appeared on your face when you discovered them. ANDREA ankle boots awaken the little girls in us.

Who hasn't dreamed of a pair of shiny boots?


How to wear your Andréa ankle boots?


how to wear gold ankle boots?

Big trends this winter, lamé will be everywhere, it's time to prepare for your return. But to avoid falling into extravagance, ANDREA ankle boots are the right compromise.

We wear them during the day with denim jeans, an oversized shirt or a white t-shirt, like gray jeans and a black blouse, or a flowing midi skirt. Some of you who are more daring will dare to wear a floral print, very sixties.

In the evening , Andréa ankle boots will brighten up any outfit and give that simple twist you've been dreaming of.



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