This account is a real invitation to meet. This is about taking the time, sitting down to observe. Here are photos that remember these moments, there are faces. In short, an ode to travel.

To be continued of course. @slow_roads


Cultivate your plant life

Cups to grow your treasures: nuts, bulbs and plants. Everything you need to finally be able to see your avocado pit! https://botanopia.com/


Aika Park is a fan of slow living. A discreet, refined and peaceful daily life. We like: its pronounced taste for fashion and decoration. A serene atmosphere.

Aika loves flowers, cooking, contemporary art exhibitions, organic and natural products and always with family. The young mother reveals via a few posts her desire to promote the work of women and their emancipation in society.
Aika travels too

An authentic account. here



Joana Soares is an illustrator and architect and lives in Lisbon! Mother of three girls, she creates giant Frida Kahlo masks, cooks and draws. We love the family spirit. Go visit his site which is named after one of his daughters, Violeta Cor de Rosa , founded shortly before his birth. She shares her illustrations, holiday moments and daily inspirations. A woman to follow.

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