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How to make a tasteful purchase?

At Plume, pre-ordering is part of our DNA and is part of our slow fashion approach. Making a tasteful purchase means: a responsible purchase, fewer clothes made for nothing, pleasing your wallet, buying responsible pieces, wearing clothes that make you feel good.

You have 3 options to make a tasteful purchase:

First possibility: SMART PURCHASE. By pre-ordering, you order a piece made especially for you. Lean manufacturing is much better for our planet 🌎  And the icing on the cake, you save 30% on your part.

Second possibility: KNOWLEDGEABLE PURCHASE. When the usual three-week pre-order period has passed, we launch the manufacturing phase on the pieces for which we still have fabric available. You then benefit from -10% on your order and faster delivery. It’s the right compromise 😉

How is it possible ? In ready-to-wear manufacturing, as a roll of fabric always ends, we are able to make a few additional pieces.

And finally, for those in a hurry among you, the third possibility: SPONTANEOUS PURCHASE. Following your exchanges or returns and a few additional pieces made that were not ordered, a few pieces become available in stock.

Thanks to this stock, you benefit from fast delivery within 2 to 5 working days. Because we always have an opportunity for a spontaneous purchase ✨

And for those who missed a sale or who wish to give a second or third life to their PLUME piece(s), we have launched our Instagram account @vintagebyplumeparis .
You can send us your search or the part you want to sell and we will repost your ad.

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