Pre-ordering in Influence, how does it work?

As you know, PLUME is a brand that advocates slow fashion and operates on the pre-order system. This virtuous system which helps us to reduce overproduction in the textile sector requires us to have a prototype made, which will allow us to carry out the photoshoot prior to its sale.
During the period preceding production, this prototype will therefore be highlighted by several ambassadors or sent to our press office. It is therefore a unique and expensive part that we need regularly. Its manufacture generates a much higher cost than for the creation of a classic piece, which is why we ask our ambassadors to pamper this prototype.


To collaborate with PLUME, two possibilities are available to you

Present a piece for pre-order.

When you communicate about a part for pre-order, we send you the prototype used during our photo shoot.

Present a part in stock.

You have the possibility to communicate on a piece from the “In stock” collection, available now.

🤍 The parts (in stock and pre-order) on which you communicated will be offered to you.


AFFILAE: Our affiliation platform

We also work through affiliation on the Affilae platform.

If you are up for it, all you have to do is register on the platform and subscribe to our “My life in feather” program.

You will then have the possibility of creating your tracked links during each communication.

You will receive a commission for each sale made through these links that you post.

The new Influencers Law:
the rules to respect

For each collaboration with our ambassadors. It is necessary to indicate the words “commercial collaboration” or “advertising” on each story screen and publication promoting a PLUME piece.

You can also specify the words “product offered” and “affiliate link” to provide more information to your community.


Ready to join the adventure!