The influencer Lola

It shines with Lola in Sally glitter SHOP THE LOOK

the actress Marie

The sublime Marie with our camel Jonas jacket SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Romane

Our Mykonos print Nina skirt sublimated by the beautiful Romane SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer Claire

The sublime Claire in our Calie and Basile tweed ensemble SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Amber

Chic and elegance with our mustard Diego cardigan on the beautiful Ambre SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Maud

Maud turns our heads with the Nicolette polka dot dress SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer Caroline

The pretty Caroline dressed in our ecru Coco Bolero SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer LISA

A flagship piece from our heritage capsule, the WILLIAM pants for your most dressed-up evenings. SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Tiffany

Our ANDRÉA GOLD ankle boots are invited to the funfair during the summer period. SHOP THE LOOK

Model Jade

Comfort and elegance with our HAUATA set. SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer MARIE

Our beautiful VAIPOE dress enhanced by Marie. SHOP THE LOOK

THE model Clara

Our PALMA LEMON set enjoys the great outdoors of Auvergne with the beautiful Clara. SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Elisa

This summer's flagship model, the beautiful @etdieucrea wears our EDEN PUGLIA dress during a summer break with her children. SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer Maud

The pretty Maud shopping with our Jada jeans SHOP THE LOOK

THE Clementine journalist

Clémentine at Roland Garros with our white Elena shirt SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer barbara

Example Sub Heading Walk in Paris with our Colette top and our Sarah embroidery skirt with Barbara SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer Ines

Our beautiful SPLENDIDE skirt and our ABEL LIGHT MAUVE knit, under the rays of the sun. SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer Sarah

Strolling the streets of Bordeaux in an ecru Ella jumpsuit like Sarah SHOP THE LOOK

The Actress & Author ARIANE

Total blue look with our ARIA STONE BLUE blouse and HOPE COURTE skirt. SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer Marine

A moment shared between sisters with our Jada jeans SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer lily

A pretty spring look with our VIRGINIA dress. SHOP THE LOOK

the artist magali ripoll

Our IDYL silk scarf, love its softness and its thousand possibilities. SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer Eloïse

Our Paul Bleu vest on the beautiful Eloïse SHOP THE LOOK

the influencer claudia

Example Sub Heading Our beautiful STELLA ECRU dress with for your sunsets SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer LAURE

Our tan Maya skirt on the beautiful Laure SHOP THE LOOK

The artist Julie

Here is the LIVIA short jumpsuit on our beautiful Author - Composer - Performer Julie. SHOP THE LOOK

The influential twins

Put on our sublime JAMES LIN KAKI shorts SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Audrey

A total black look with our ENZO leather pants. SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Barbara

Our magnificent BRIGITTE dress in Zanzibar SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer mina

Come and enjoy a delicious cocktail with our PACO BLACK vest. SHOP THE LOOK


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the influencer lucie

The ISIS dress to accompany you all summer SHOP THE LOOK

WINNER koh lanta 2021

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Our former Miss France MArine

Put on our AMARA KAKI set to take part in your best match at Roland Garros. SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Rym

A nice look for our pretty Rym with the IRÈNE shirt SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer lison

Visit New York en Plume with our new linen products, the SEAN LIN ECRU top, the JAMES LIN ECRU shorts. SHOP THE LOOK

Television presenter

Our Bright Morning t-shirt, in collaboration with the Suny brand. A sale in support of the L'Enfant Bleu association which fights against child abuse. SHOP THE LOOK

TV host

For a colorful look, Sophie wears our LOUISA GREEN blouse. SHOP THE LOOK


Adopt the lightness of our NICK linen pants like Iris. SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Pauline

Dare to wear a strong piece with our WILLIAM pants in silver leather. SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer lucie

Example Sub Heading Our sublime HÜNA BLACK dress on our beautiful Lucie SHOP THE LOOK

The influencer Marine

A contemporary trendy look with our AUDE leather bustier. SHOP THE LOOK

Daytrip to Waihi Beach

August 2023
see the article

What if we talked about money?

The silver touch, a golden idea!
June 2023

Their fashion makes sense.

One, a lawyer, already has a brand in 2008, the other is ultra-creative. They combined their know-how to launch their own Plume Paris label, in March 2020. Today, these forty-somethings from Bordeaux, supporters of slow fashion, have just opened their capital to their clients for the second time.

They got into fashion without knowing anything about it

We sell by pre-order to avoid overproduction and with short circuit manufacturing.
MARCH 2023

When fashion brands use equity crowdfunding

Sarah Ahsen
January 6, 2023


Natural diamond council
DECEMBER 9, 2022

Céline Lescure Inquel, at the head of Plume Paris

Chloe Cohen
September 21, 2022

Céline Lescure Inquel, founder of Plume

Having lived through a thousand lives, Céline created her pre-order ready-to-wear brand, Plume, two years ago with one conviction: ever more responsible and eco-conscious, fashion must remain a source of pleasure! Meet this creative Bordeaux woman at the head of a tribe of 6 children, who gives us her vision of a fairer fashion looking to the future, and talks about how she finds balance in a hectic daily life.
September 16, 2022

Fashion: Plume, the Bordeaux ready-to-wear brand that is taking off

Born in Bordeaux, the women's ready-to-wear brand Plume has focused everything on a different economic model, Instagram and the pleasure of wearing beautiful pieces. Success story, sequins and gold leather skirts
Aude Ferbos
JANUARY 18, 2022

Solar Back to School Surround yourself with softness

Sensitive mode
September-October 2022

This collab creates the perfect white t-shirt... For a great cause

For each t-shirt from the Suny x Plume Paris collaboration sold, 100% of the profits generated by the sales will be donated to the l'Enfant Bleu association.
APRIL 20, 2020

We talk about fashion

A brand adept at slow fashion
JUNE 9, 2022

15 fashion brands spotted on Instagram

Cosmopolitan honored us by giving us first place among the 15 fashion brands spotted on Instagram.
APRIL 06, 2021

Light, beautiful and soft as a feather

We no longer ignore it, the fashion sphere is an energy-intensive and polluting industry. But do we still have to do without a soft knit, a shiny skirt or a beautiful embroidered blouse?
Bordeaux Madam
April 25, 2023
Les Echos Start

Instagram or Instapub? How the network became a gigantic commercial showcase
Marion Simon-Rainaud


A lovely committed brand with a sensitivity as astonishing as its pieces are stylish, that’s PLUME. The brand never stops questioning itself, always wanting to do better, but above all to do well for the future of our planet.
Elsa Lauron
MARCH 2, 2022