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Episode 2 - Stories of meaning: inner balance with Séverine

Inner balance, a path of life by Séverine.


Séverine is the founder of the yoga and well-being house, SATNAM CLUB in Bordeaux. It is a 400 m2 house which houses yoga classes, meditation and other disciplines.

For Séverine, harmony of the senses is important for the body but also the mind.

You will discover an inspiring and caring person who has found the balance between beauty, the collective and the authentic...

Céline LI: Hello Séverine, can you introduce yourself?

Séverine : Hello, my name is Séverine and I am Canadian.

Céline LI: What are the senses that make you feel good?

Séverine : The senses and sensations are at the heart of my philosophy, I would say that the first sense that is on alert for me is smell, I can recognize someone or remember an event in my life through a smell. So it's something that's very important to me and part of my life. I have perfumes that make me feel good and that will arouse emotion in me. For example, when I need tenderness I prefer orange blossom.

There is also touch which is important. For me, touching materials means looking for what makes us feel good when we need to energize ourselves. Plus I love wearing malas that I can change depending on my mood.

And then there is sound, because a person's voice will soothe us or energize us. Singing and music are also part of my life.

And then without forgetting the look because I like what is beautiful, I like what is right, I like what can be disturbed by a little catch, in any case the senses are really part of my experience.

Céline LI: What is the place of yoga in your life and how do you practice it?

Séverine : Yoga is my ecosystem, I couldn't live without yoga. So when I talk about an ecosystem, I'm talking about a routine, an almost daily ritual that I accompany with meditation.

I draw a little from heart practices but also practices with Asanas that I vary depending on the days and the dynamics that I will have.

In fact, some days when I need more energy I go for power yoga and when I'm more tired, I go for something much more restorative.

In any case, my yoga choices are closely linked to my emotions and my way of living.

Céline LI: What materials make you feel good?

Séverine : There are many materials that make me feel good, but what I look for above all is the nobility of the fabric: cashmere, cotton voile, linen are part of my daily life in the same way as stones. In fact, these are both materials that I like to touch and which arouse emotions in me.

Céline LI: What are your anchors?

Séverine : My inkings are based on two elements: family and nature. Family for the love it exudes, the strength and the power. And nature because I have a visceral need to connect to it. I like walking in the sand, smelling the earth, smelling the seasons, seeing the mountains… The more time passes, the more I need it. It's my Canadian side coming back to the surface because I need more energy I guess.

Céline LI : Can you tell us about your favorite place in the world?

Séverine: If I had to name a place in which I feel the best in the world. It's my corner of paradise in Corsica. It's certainly not the most beautiful in the world because there are plenty of them! On the other hand, it's the one where when I set foot on the ground there, it's as if I reconnect with myself. It's a wild place lost between sea and scrub. I love the raw beauty of the landscape where I can spend my day sitting on a small stone wall watching the different times of the day, the lights changing, listening to the crickets and the birds... It's both extremely soothing and this feeling that the truth is there. This place is my home.


Céline LI: A piece of clothing that you feel really good in?

Séverine : The item of clothing in which I feel good that comes to mind first is my jeans. Not just any one, the one that is worn and soft. One that has been put through the machine countless times and when you put it on in the morning it is not rough on the skin. I consider these jeans like a second skin. What I love about these jeans is that you can go out for a drink with them or just to relax at home. This is my favorite item of clothing! I like things that are soft on the skin, I can't wear something that makes me feel tight and that doesn't feel good on the skin.

Céline LI: And to end this interview, what is your relationship with beauty?

Séverine : What I like about beauty is finding accidents there. For example, wallpaper that has no place where it is and is just there! I don't like beauty that's too smooth, I don't like beauty that looks like it came out of a magazine. For me, it is something true, sincere, embodied. A beautiful decoration is something that lives, which tells a story about the people who live in it and which does not come straight from a decoration magazine.

But beauty has its place in my life. I like discovering beautiful places, eating on beautiful plates, sleeping on beautiful sheets... it's good for the senses.

Thank you to Séverine for taking the time to share with us her passion and her love for the PLUME team.

Meet Séverine at the Satnam Club.

Address: 28 rue Vital Carles, 33000 Bordeaux

Instagram : @Satnam-Club

Website: Satnam-club.com

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