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Episode 3 - Stories of the senses: Hearing by Pearl

Music has therapeutic power, it awakens all the senses.


Today we decided to talk about hearing and the power of words with Perle. A young woman full of life who is an author, performer, composer and guitarist. She will tell us about her aspirations, and what music brings her on a daily basis.

“Words are musical notes”

Fabrice Luchini

Céline LI: Hello Pearl, introduce yourself.

Perle : Hello, I'm Perle and it's nice to meet you.

Céline LI: Why did you get into music?

Perle : I started music thanks to my grandfather, who was an accordionist, then I continued with my father. And then it became a bit of a bond in my family. Music is a bit like the point of reference that brings us all together. So much so that my sisters, my cousins ​​and I all have an accordion tattooed behind our ear in homage to my grandfather.

At first, I started writing. It was important for me, I wrote a lot of texts. There were good texts and there were bad ones. Then at one point reading my texts was no longer enough for me, I had to hear the words. And that's why I used my guitar to put the atmosphere I wanted behind the texts I wrote. And then I made the words dance a little. This is how I shape a melody! (smiles)

Céline LI: What is your most beautiful musical memory?

Pearl : Difficult to choose. I would say without thinking about my first game of Inna Modja at La Cigale in Paris because I admit that reality became a kind of dream and I could no longer differentiate the two. It is also this experience which also allowed me to gain confidence in myself as a singer.

Céline LI: What comes to mind when you sing/play?

Perle : Actually, you can feel so many different emotions depending on the song that I would say you can't think of anything in particular; you can't think the same thing because you don't have to give the same thing to the audience at every moment of the song.

For covers, I need to go through a state, a physical sensation; I have to connect to the text, to be convinced that this song was written for me or that it was me who wrote it: it's a kind of mini-trance, I am absorbed for a few minutes in a physical state and that allows me to access the text and therefore the interpretation.

That's why I close my eyes. For my compositions it is also the text that I think about because I do not have the same role; for the covers I interpret, I try to transmit emotions but for my compositions, I am already connected to the text, straight away... Each word is in the place I have chosen for it and I just have to thinking about how I want it to come out, what melody it forms with the others for the audience.

Céline LI: Apart from hearing, what is the most important sense for you?

Pearl : Touch. I have a twin, and I don't know if it comes from this fusion from my mother's womb, from birth and then during childhood, but I need contact. I function a bit by fusion with the people I meet and I think it will be difficult for me to be friends with someone who doesn't like contact, who doesn't hug someone, is distant ; I wouldn't feel completely connected to her...

Perhaps I also associate touch with the guitar, the instrument that accompanies me. I'm not a very good guitarist but I play the guitar like I'm making it sing, the intention I put into my voice, I work it through my fingers on the guitar, it's just as important to convey the intention with the instrument in a text song.

Céline LI: What are your inkings?

Pearl : I would say my family without a doubt, and I would even say my close circle if I expand a little... Even if it's obvious to say it: I became what I am today thanks to the relationships that I built with them little by little...

I became a musician thanks to my grandfather and it was my father who pushed me to believe in my music…

What also reminds me of the notion of anchoring is when we find ourselves faced with doubt; anchoring allows you to refocus on the essential, on what you are and what those close to me do when I doubt myself.


Céline LI: What are the senses and sensations that make you feel good?

Pearl : It’s the smells, my brain has associated smells with memories since I was little. It's a bit like my memory is classified by smells. Perfumes for example, I've had a lot of different perfumes and each time it reminds me of the period when I wore it, what mood I was in...

Afterwards, we're not going to lie, there's nothing better than the feeling of the sun on your skin...

Céline LI: Can you tell us about your favorite place in the world and describe it?

Perle : I don't think I have a favorite place, I would say that everything that reconnects me with nature, the sea, the forest, silent spaces are my favorite places...

And it's true that when I run wherever I am, it puts me back in the present moment, and it can become my favorite place because I feel better, I put things into perspective more easily, I think less in fact, it's like a little break in my day, a breath... And it works even better in places close to nature of course. I also noticed that it depends on what time I'm there. I'm an early riser, I find that places are more beautiful when they are deserted or still asleep.

Céline LI: A piece of clothing that makes you feel really good? What do you prefer?

Pearl : Without hesitation, a long and loose dress. I wear a lot of them, I feel elegant with them, even pretty and above all without complexes. I feel like it's the garment that highlights and what's more, it's so easy to wear! It's a sure way to be comfortable for me on any occasion.

Céline LI: And to conclude this interview, what is your relationship with beauty?

Pearl : I don't really have a definition of beauty... But I don't think I've found something beautiful without having felt something; a landscape, a sound, a film, and the same goes for the clothes I buy, I really buy when I fall in love...

That's a bit like beauty for me, it's when what I see pleases me to the point of feeling it physically.

Thank you to Perle for taking the time to share with us her passion and love with the PLUME team.

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