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Episode 4 - Stories of Sense: Florence's gaze

Colors and materials by Florence.


Florence has created a clothing store that she carefully selects in Soorts Hossegor: Matouch. Alongside this activity, she finds time to paint.

For Florence, the world is only colors and materials.

You will discover a woman with a luminous, radiant personality and as colorful as her paintings...

Céline LI: Hello Florence, can you introduce yourself?
Florence: Hello, I'm Florence, I love life, nature, the sun, the sea, water, sand, everything! The raw elements...

Céline LI: How old were you when you started painting?
Florence: Child! At school ! And then I continued... Not always painting, but in any case I never stopped drawing, for my studies then for my old job, oil painting took over... But I take it as a hobby... I don't feel like an artist, I still lack creativity and time!

Céline LI: Can your paintings vary depending on your mood?
Florence: Not really... I have my favorite themes and oil takes a little longer, I don't paint a picture during the day, so when I don't feel like it I don't paint! But often it's quite the opposite... It's like gardening, it clears the mind!

Céline LI: What are you trying to express when you paint a canvas?
Florence: I don't really have a message... I don't have a very committed style of painting... I like painting women, I like the figurative...

Céline LI: What type of materials do you like to use?
Florence: I like working with all materials, I like working with my hands, I like plaster, earth, clay, gardening, wood, oil paint, feeling the fat under the brush.

Céline LI: What color represents your state of mind?
Florence: If there's a color that could perhaps represent my state of mind even if I don't like that color, it's red! Yeah, I'm too impulsive. But I'm also a “barbamaman”: I like baby pink, I'm very marshmallow all the same. And then the colors that represent me: green, the color of hope and also turquoise, water greens.

Céline LI: What are your inspirations for your works?
Florence: My inspirations come from my childhood, strangely I paint a lot of bar and restaurant scenes. There are also girls at the aperitif, friends are quite nice! I'm very feminist ultimately because I paint a lot of women but I'm starting to paint a few men too. The inspiration could also be a photo from a magazine from which I tore the page. As in my old job we were used to making books, there was no internet and so on... I stored quite a few archives. And I always come back to these archives which I transform in my own way.

Céline LI: What is your relationship with colors?
Florence: I like all the colors! In painting, I like bright colors and pastel colors. I really like the mix of colors that Kenzo did which were very lively. You see the mixtures that we didn't do before: red, pink, orange. I'm not someone dark or dark (laughs), I'm someone sunny! Then there are lots of complementary colors that I like. I love the color ranges. It's my thing. It's also part of my previous job: when you're a textile designer, you make a model and you have to decline it in four or five different colors and atmospheres.

Céline LI: What materials make you feel good?
Florence: Everything raw. The number 1 material is silk! I am a fan
of the material. Summer and winter, I like silk. And then the must is Khadi: Indian hand-woven cottons. Natural materials: linen, hemp, woven
hand. That's it, everything that's artisanal.

Céline LI: What item of clothing do you feel really good in? Which one do you prefer?
Florence: A dress! It camouflages better! I'm curvy but I'm lucky to have a thin waist! So a dress with a belted waist is good!

Céline LI: Can you tell us about your favorite place in the world and describe it?
Florence: My adopted region! The Landes ! It's green, it's true that it's raining... And I love the mildness of the Landes winter... The ocean and beaches as far as the eye can see!
And Bali... I love the atmosphere there: the smells of incense and the Balinese people are incredibly kind and caring.

Céline LI: What is your relationship with beauty? What is beauty for you?
Florence: Each person has their own vision of beauty... Fortunately, otherwise we would have a sad unity... Beauty is a harmony of everything: colors, shapes...

Thank you to Florence for taking the time to share her passion and love with the PLUME team.

Meet Florence in her Matouch boutique in Hossegor


or on his personal Instagram @florence.tixier

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