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Episode 6 - Stories of Meaning: creativity by Marie

Creativity by Marie


Some people are lucky enough to be able to make a living from their passions. This is the case of Marie, a nomadic artistic director, who works from the four corners of the world. Over the years she has managed to combine creativity, entrepreneurship and travel and to find her reason for being, her Ikigai.

Today we meet her in Marseille, in her current home. Surrounded by products from her stationery brand jsfdvma (I'm crazy about you my love), she talks to us about the choice of materials and her designs that invite you to dream and escape.

Today PLUME takes you to discover a woman with passion and a contagious smile.

Céline LI: Hello Marie, can you introduce yourself?

Marie: I am Marie and I am a nomadic artistic director.

Céline LI: How do you envision beauty?
Marie: In my mind, beauty is something very visual and emotional. I have always had a very graphic and sensory approach to objects and landscapes. Even a word is for me at its peak of beauty when it is written, embodied visually.

Lines, colors, light, balance, but also sensations and atmospheres define my aesthetic palette and are the elements with which I like to compose and create.

Céline LI: What materials do you like?

Marie: My favorite material is without hesitation paper, with which I spend my life. But I also have a great passion for rock and minerals which give me the impression of holding landscapes in my hands.

Céline LI: What is your favorite place in the world?
Marie: Very difficult choice... I am a nomad because I don't know how to choose my favorite place in the world and I quickly feel at home everywhere. From an aesthetic point of view, I have a fascination for the diversity of the landscapes of the American West, from the desert to bodies of water, including canyons and rocky valleys, it's just sublime.

Céline LI: What are the senses that awaken the most in you?

Marie: Sight of course as I explained, and touch also a lot. I am a very tactile and manual person, I love making, handling, and selecting the most pleasant materials to the touch. It is this passion for handmade things that pushed me to develop jsfdvma

Céline LI: Why “I’m crazy about you my love”?
Marie: It 's a declaration of love to my job as a graphic designer and to my nomadic life!
This name comes from a coded letter from Alfred de Musset to Georges Sand at the end of which he signed jsfdvma, an abbreviation for “I am crazy about you my love”. I discovered this letter at the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts in Paris a few years ago before it closed, and I have kept this reference in the back of my mind ever since. When I decided to create a brand for lovers of paper, writing and printed objects, these words came back to me...

Céline LI: How do you choose papers and materials for your brand?
Marie: My selection is determined above all by “well done”. I only work with eco-responsible manufacturers, who have controlled production labels and I favor recycled materials. Secondly, the choice is made according to the product, the paper will not be the same if it is intended to be displayed or if it is found in a notebook. There is also an element of creativity with original papers, which you will not see elsewhere. And then the last criterion is affect, the effect produced by touch. I really like very thick, mass-dyed papers on which I do hot foil stamping. The result is exceptional and invites you to dream.

Céline LI: How do you choose the colors?
Marie: Depending on the atmospheres that I seek to produce, my creations take different colored directions. As I always create according to my environment and around different places in the world, I am inspired by the dominant colors which refer to a season, a climate, an atmosphere or a culture. Nothing is chosen at random...

Céline LI: A memory that stood out to you?
Marie: The day I touched a typographic press (more commonly called letterpress) for the first time. These are the old printing machines with which lead and wooden characters were printed. When I was introduced to this craft printing technique and saw the creative possibilities, I fell in love. Not only is it a beautiful object steeped in history, like a typewriter or an old workbench, but it allows you to be in direct contact with the material, the ink, the paper. Happiness !

Thank you to Marie for taking the time to share her passion and love with the PLUME team.

Meet Marie and her brand jsfdvma:

Instagram : @jsfdvma

Shop: jsfdvma.com

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