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Gloria Landenberger


Fashion stylist, artistic director, ceramist designer and Gloria Landenberger is also founder of her brand 22_22STUDIO , Gloria Landenberger reinvents everyday objects, transforming them into true works of art...

After a career in the fashion industry, Gloria chose to place her creativity and energy in a new passion: ceramics. She then creates with her hands and it makes her feel good...

“Pretending to be something you’re not gets you nowhere.”

Blankets, vases, glasses, posters, wall decorations...

Each product is carefully thought out, materials and techniques combine for an elegant, original result made to last.

Ceramics and porcelain handled by hand by enthusiasts, cotton fibers with impeccable traceability, papers chosen from traditional manufacturers...

"My interior and fashion work is quite minimal but not clean. It is organic, imperfect and soft. For me it is also about finding a balance between control and letting go, i.e. - let things happen."

Gloria Landenberger is know-how at the service of a modern and bright design and for us it is a real favorite!

Photographs © STUDIOSOMEE

Instagram/ @studiosomee @glowinglory

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