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Plume Paris X Capucine Hery Collaboration

Moment of poetry

1 minute of poetry just for you, to experience and share now.
We had the chance to create an exclusive collaboration with the poet and actress Capucine HERY.
Capucine is one of those inspiring, multi-talented women with whom we fell in love.

When the poetry of the body and that of words is dressed by PLUME.

Capucine is the nomadic, free woman, listening to her senses and the environment around her. She is intense and lives her nonchalant femininity.
She is ready.

Discover Capucine through 5 questions that we had the opportunity to ask her during this collaboration.


PLUME: Hello Capucine, how long have you been dancing?

Capucine Hery : I have been doing classical dance since I was six years old, I trained at the Geneva Junior Ballet in classical and contemporary.

PLUME: What were your impressions during this day of filming?

Capucine : I loved working with Céline! We had a moment to chat together and it's inspiring to meet a woman like her: entrepreneur, ambitious, full of dreams. I am an author, actress and dancer, for my career as an artist I must have as much ambition and motivation as Céline does for her business. Seeing her succeed, move forward, go for it, gave me even more strength.

“I often talk about love or the passing of time, I think.”

PLUME: What are your sources of inspiration when you write your poems?

Nasturtium: My sources of inspiration are multiple. Usually it's a feeling, or an image, that comes to mind, I either write it down straight away on my phone, or I let it mature in my head before writing it down. Then I reread it and edit it several times. And then at one point, I don't really know why, I feel that it's the definitive version. I often talk about love or the passing of time, I think. But I don't impose any limits on subject or form, that's why I write in rhyme or prose, poems, fables, aphorisms.


PLUME: What is your relationship with clothes?

Nasturtium: I have a rather simple relationship with clothes: I like to be comfortable. I was delighted to wear your collection for the shoot, I looked good in all the pieces! It's really essential for me. I very rarely buy clothes because I don't like shopping, so I choose them carefully and wear them as long as possible.
I have a small wardrobe.

PLUME: What are your favorite Plume pieces?

Nasturtium: I love the Lily dress in black leather, I have already planned to wear it for the reopening of Crazy Horse (where I am a dancer), it is sexy and comfortable, which is a miracle!
I also love the Romane Havane dress, the color is magnificent and the cut is original.
And then there is the Carlo/Carlota set, elegant but easy to wear!

Thanks to Capucine for taking the time to share her passion with the PLUME team.

Find Capucine on Instagram: @Capucinehery
and the video on our Instagram account : @Plume_paris

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