We listened to you

At PLUME we care about you. We simply want every moment spent with us to be a lovely moment to keep for you.

Our first responses to your suggestions

Your numerous daily messages help us to do better and better every day and we thank you for that. However, we know that time flies and many of you do not have the time to write to us to tell us about ourselves. This is why last week we sent you a short questionnaire. In all sincerity, we did not expect so many responses from you. What a joy to discover them one by one.

Thank you for taking this time. We have carefully read and compiled your kind suggestions. You told us about our concept, pre-ordering, customer service, your vision for Plume Paris in the coming years. And once again you have been incredibly surprising and generous.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
So while we wait until we can work on all these nice ideas, we already have some news to give you and some answers to give you.


Launch of the new Instagram account: @vintagebyPlumeParis .

Because all the @plume_paris_ pieces have been made with care and a lot of love, with the idea of ​​being able to be worn for a long time.

You no longer wear your Plume pieces? Did you fall in love but your size is no longer available?
This account was created to connect you and sell/buy second-hand Plume items .
Upcycling is part of the DNA of Plume Paris and a year and a half after our creation, it seemed natural to us to offer a meeting place for you, our customers, so that you can continue to please yourself.

Post your classified ads in story by tagging @vintagebyplumeparis and we will repost your ads.
It's free and it's simply because we love you.

To discover and subscribe, click here .

Archives for Plume?

During this questionnaire, we asked you if you understood the archives system. What if we need to continue to order additional parts to provide a size exchange service or if we need to stop and produce just the right amount.

You answered 95% that you understood this mode of operation . We have heard you and we will continue in this approach.

Improve our feedback

Many of you asked us why the return request had to be made within 48 hours. The answer is simple: we try to limit the storage of parts as much as possible .

If we extend this lead time, it means that these parts will remain in stock longer and this prevents another customer from ordering. It is a collective approach which allows us to reduce additional production and for everyone to benefit from a sizeable exchange, everyone must return their item quickly.

To speed up your process, we offer you a new system which allows you to directly request a return within 48 hours by going right here .
If you have any questions, contact us by email

We hope this more simplified system will give you a better experience.

Offer different body shapes

You have shared with us your difficulties in identifying with the photos that we publish on the site or on the Instagram account. We are currently thinking about this, we want each of you, as different and unique as you are, to be able to recognize yourself in the product photos.

You should know that the development of large or small sizes requires additional investment because the modeling is not the same .
For the moment, on a large majority of our pieces, we offer a sample size ranging from 32 or 44.

We remain very optimistic about the continuation of the Plume adventure and we will do our best to offer you more sizes and find partners in this regard.

When you order small or large sizes, do not hesitate to identify us in your photos, this allows other customers to project themselves.

Our delivery times

We would like to return to the issue of sometimes extended delivery times.

When you pre-order one of our pieces, lead times are generally 1 to 2 months depending on the item, they include the making and delivery of your order.

By ordering from PLUME Paris you are choosing responsible and authentic fashion . Thanks to our pre-order system, no overproduction, it's better for the planet. This system allows us to produce the right quantity, so we always need a pre-order period before starting production.

Now that this production has been launched, the production of these parts may encounter difficulties and extend the initially planned deadlines. Partners affected by COVID 19, a fabric or a garment that does not meet our quality criteria. However, these deadlines remain extremely short for ready-to-wear items.

In fact, the traditional lead time for “classic” brands is between 6 to 8 months for manufacturing and delivery times to their logisticians, so we must add the delivery time to their customers.

However, we hear your comments and are already thinking about diversifying ordering methods by offering limited series more often, made on the basis of fabric stocks and available within a week.


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