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The story of a beautiful week of solidarity

It's a beautiful story that began last Wednesday, with the launch of our Bright Morning t-shirt, in collaboration with the Sun y brand. A sale in support of the L'Enfant Bleu association which fights against child abuse.
Indeed, together we have developed the BRIGHT MORNING, our perfect, 100% organic t-shirt which will be made in Portugal just for you.

At the beginning, as in all stories, it is those closest to us who share and then it has a snowball effect, supported by generosity and collective awareness. To finish yesterday on VOGUE.FR!

It warms our hearts!

And while our two brands are still young, and thanks to this incredible support we managed to raise more than €2,300.

We wanted to share this story with you in pictures.

If all silence is abuse, let's not leave this cause silent.

The subject of abuse is undoubtedly a delicate subject to discuss and convey, especially in the current situation. However, this cause has not gone unnoticed and it has certainly touched your heart.

Céline Lazorthes, founder of leetchi.com

Agathe Lecaron, presenter of “ Les Maternelles

Isabelle Rabier, founder of the beauty brand “ Jolimoi

Our “fluencer friends”

Support magnified by the photo creations of our “fluencer friends” Sophie from The Other art of living, Clémentine Sarlat, Sabine from Miss Ect, Nelly and Marion from Soin de Soi, Laura from Lowa leaf, Karine from Bodie & fou, and Amelia by Amelia Nymphea.

But ultimately it was YOU who played the biggest role in this beautiful story: your purchases allowed us to raise over €2,300 which will be entirely donated to L'Enfant Bleu,

And yesterday it was VOGUE PARIS , which spontaneously relayed the information!


Let's not forget that every day 200 children are victims of abuse in France... It's time to become aware of it and act.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Take a child by the hand to lead him towards tomorrow, to give him confidence in his steps, take a child for a king.

Yves Duteil

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