Plume sees life in Rose

What a pleasure to welcome the entire Plume team, and to show them, or rather eat, life in pink. Céline, Romane and Apolline have concocted a little pink meal (decoration, meal and activity), and will therefore share each step with you.

Little bonus at the end: a simple and very cool activity that will make your guests smile!

+ For a rustic and rosy atmosphere

For our centerpiece, we rolled up a pink tablecloth, then placed white and pink stemmed candles throughout. Then, pretty dried flowers were arranged while varying the shades in order to bring a rural feel to our decoration.

+ A colorful meal

We focused on simple, rosy and three-step recipes:

- The starter : slices of white bread that we spread with a little butter, pink berries and timut berries, tarama, or even tuna tartare. We still had to stay with the theme: pink. We then cut them out with cookie cutters to add an aesthetic touch to our toasts.

We also prepared beetroot hummus: simple, effective and pink! Simply add the chopped beetroot, the drained chickpeas, a little lemon, salt, pepper and olive oil to a blender to lightly season, mix and it's ready!

To delight the eyes and taste buds, a pretty platter mixing pistachios, slices of bresaola, radishes and mandolin was set out in a pretty cake dish.

- The dish : Tagliatelle, beets, capers and parmesan.

Peel and roughly scrape 300g of raw beetroot, heat your pan with a little olive oil to brown 3 tablespoons of capers for 6-7 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the tagliatelle in boiling salted water, taking care to reduce the cooking time indicated for al dente by three minutes. Reserve 150 ml of cooking water for the sauce. Barely drained, throw your tagliatelle into the pan of beets, and pour in the 150 ml of cooking water to mix over low heat. The pasta will quickly take on its color. When all the water is absorbed, add a little lemon juice and a spoonful of olive oil. Serve immediately with a few sprigs of fresh dill and parmesan.


- Dessert : very simple and delicious, it’s all in the dressing!

Simply take some vanilla skyr, add your homemade red fruit coulis, a little meringue, a few raspberries and some pretty edible flowers to top it all off!


+ A cocktail bar workshop

This is a really cool activity and very simple to do. We simply placed pretty edible flowers, cinnamon, lemon, dried orange slices... You can put whatever you want in there. Once the cocktail was served, everyone just had to tackle the beauty of their glass. And here are some pretty creations from the team.


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