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Why create PLUME?


Recreate meaning , be free , authentic , beautiful , caring and generous women . Does wearing clothes that last, reveal you, at the right price , inspire you? U.S. too.

“The truth is only imposed by the senses”

Putting on a dress, a knit, a blouse and feeling deep pleasure , it's one of those little things in life that makes us feel good. But why ? Because the material caresses our skin, because feeling good in clothing gives us confidence and confidence makes us beautiful!

So at PLUME we create clothes that transport you somewhere, maybe not so far, but in a place that suits you.

Elsewhere, here, you will always be in the right place, sure of what you are. We choose materials and cuts that feel good.

“One price: the good one, all year round”

How to offer quality clothing at the fairest price? Well there is only one solution, you have to give up all costs that do not relate to quality and service. We must therefore reduce stocks and avoid intermediaries.
And above all, from our point of view at PLUME , sales and private sales always give the impression of never buying at the right price. There will therefore be no sales, but the right price, at the right time.
No stocks , it's less clothes made for nothing, and a big kiss to our planet 🌍

One brand, one community

PLUME is the continuation, the logical continuity of @Plume and Caramel the Instagram of Céline Lescure Inquel the founder and artistic director.
PLUME is a place of sharing . We talk about women's lives (family, career, healthy living, recipes, love, home, travel)
We meet inspiring women there.
Join us ! ♥️

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