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Follow your dreams, they know the way.

This week we want to spoil you and take you with us to discover our favorites which are right next to us: let yourself be seduced by our selection of French hotels and lodges which, like us, want to awaken your senses and transport you far in space and time.

Kimano Farmhouse

The philosophy

The Kimano Farmhouse is an ode to Tanzania created 9 years ago by the Belgian-Dutch couple Robby and Marleen, this living space is the fruit of their union. This hotel covering several hectares is located near the village of Colméry and its famous hamlets. The guest house dating from the 19th century offers a bucolic landscape to its residents, notably with its meadow, its luxurious marshland and the singing of the Charolais cows. The meadow is home to luxurious safari tents, they echo the colors and warmth of Tanzania, Robby and Marleen's heartland. Their aim is to offer a unique travel experience in France, by offering a living space in which it is possible to travel wherever you want.

Our favorite

This space is magical and lyrical, with its lodges dating from the 19th century and its safari tents, which offer the public an experience merging slow-living and luxury.

Kimano Farmhouse is an enchanted truce. Sleeping and living in safari tents is an experience for the senses. The nights are lulled by the song of frogs and the day by those of birds. These habitats are equipped with a kitchen which allows you to dine under the stars.

Thanks to Kimaro Farmhouse , happiness is in the meadow.


The beautiful view

The philosophy 

La Belle Vue is an address that evokes the luxurious sanctuary in which the protagonists of the film “The Lost” took refuge. This architecture brings back nostalgic memories of the south of France in the 19th century. Founded in 1854 by wealthy winegrowers named the Baulac Brothers, its first function was the manufacture of wine.

Today, it is still possible to make your own wine in the cellars of this vineyard transformed into a guest house. This building has stood the test of time and has improved over time.

At La Belle Vue , the owners care deeply about the physical and spiritual well-being of their visitors. Both relaxing and exotic, it is good to live there.

Our favorite

It’s love at first sight for decorating the guest house. The alliance between the period building and vintage decorative elements gives character to each room.

Staying at “La belle vue” means learning that beauty is found in the authentic.” Thanks to its seven rooms, decorated in a country atmosphere by the owner Yvonne (former interior designer in Stockholm), residents have the opportunity to discover a magnificent view of the tiled roofs revealing shades of orange on the village.

http://labellevue.se/ @labellevueneffies

Lily of the Valley


The philosophy 

The 5-star luxury hotel “Lily of the Valley” advocates values ​​that are important to Plume-Paris, starting with the Essential, Kindness and Generosity. Consequently, this building located in the heart of the Riviera reinvents luxury hotels. This puts itself at the service of well-being and utility. The hotel is the perfect illustration of the harmony between nature and man. For Philippe Starck “The design of the hotel must not impose itself on nature, but adapt to it and blend in with it”.

Our favorite

This five-star hotel has a crack team. Indeed, the staff members know how to be responsive and discreet. Thus, they allow customers to live an experience that is much more human.
Within this hotel, luxury has the opportunity to express itself in several forms, starting with the environment. Rare are those who have the opportunity to stay in nature unmodified by man. The hotel offers its users the opportunity to observe the wild expanses of Gigaro from their rooms. An idyllic setting where residents can relax, but also practice sports. This luxury is also affirmed through the architecture of the hotel.

For the Lily of the Valley, Philippe Starck was inspired by provincial abbeys and the hanging gardens of Babylon. A therapeutic desire emerges from this wooden construction. The designer pushed the experience to its climax: the touch with the concrete of the semi-circular arcades and the exotic woods in the rooms lined with wooden posts supporting awnings. Natural materials are in fact in the spotlight in this project, with wood omnipresent and used outside for the vertical slats cladding the facades as well as for the joinery. Inside, several varieties of wood make up the structural parts, the awnings, the false ceilings (exotic red wood), the parquet flooring, the decorative panels and the shelves, up to the rustic furniture, mostly made of wood.
In the rooms at Lily of the Valley you feel at home, combining both slow living and ethnic-inspired furniture.


The hydrangeas of the lake

The philosophy 

One day, the writer Sébastien Barrère said this: “In Hossegor, the Ocean courted the Adour, from this love affair Lake Hossegor was born. » And it is from its shore surrounded by the maritime pine forest that the four-star hotel Les Hortensias du Lac comes to life. It was in 2019 that this place reopened following a period of work. Today, “les hydrangeas du lac” offers residents a place to live and rest. Lulled by the sea air, you can enjoy a gourmet meal while observing the movements of the water of Lake Hossegor

Our favorite

The gastronomy is worth the detour: the menus invented by chef Moreno are made up of top quality local products.

A must-see: the spa with its magnificent view of the lake.

Your nights will be sweet with the comfort of the beds at the Hortensias du lac hotel. Soft and fluffy like a cloud, they allow restorative rest.


Coco Barn Wood Lodge


 The philosophy 

Located near Hossegor, the Coco Barn Wood Lodge is a real cocoon hidden in the middle of the forest and meadows... if you like wood, the scent of wet grass, the song of birds and the light that gently wakes you up in the morning, the Coco Barn Wood Lodge is made for you! Antoine and Corenthine have imagined a true homage to nature and authenticity.

Our favorite

Natural materials! Wood is king at Corenthine and Antoine, the cotton gauze sheets and the minimalist decor of the rooms will connect you even more with nature. Immerse yourself in calm, take a break and disconnect… Nature will do the rest!

Everything here has been carefully thought out to offer you a place that you will not forget: a journey through time thanks to the decoration found by Corenthine in her secret flea markets, one of her great passions. Let yourself be enchanted by La Petite Landaise, La Maisonnette and La cabin au bord de la Rivière which will make your stay an unforgettable experience.


Domaine du Meunier

The philosophy

In the heart of Mortagne-sur-Gironde, each piece of Domaine du Meunier tells a real story, a story that begins in the Netherlands and ends in France. During her stay as an au pair in France, Ariane fell in love with our beautiful country. Once back home, she meets Coen and together they decide to change their lives: they settle in Mortagne-sur-Gironde where they buy a house and its industrial premises which they transform into a hotel, the Domaine du Meunier. At Ariane et Coen, it is an authentic, family and warm atmosphere into which we immerse ourselves, the hosts will welcome you with open arms and make you feel at home.

Our favorite

The pinball room! The former flour sack depot is now a reception room which also houses a beautiful collection of pinball machines, all in working order!

The Domaine du Meunier takes us far back in time. The place is full of memories, as evidenced by the objects found by Cohen who will surely pass on his passion to you while Ariane will give you some cooking tips.

The Red Rocks

The philosophy

It's a bit of a nirvana for the senses that you reach by staying at Roches Rouges, a true haven of peace located in Saint-Raphaël. This 5-star hotel is an authentic break from well-being, where you can enjoy sea view suites. Spacious beds, raw wood, tailor-made furniture, a choice of traditional and refined materials (hemp, cotton or rattan) , sign a deliberately pure and frank decor.

Our favorite

The colors of the rooms! Orange, ocher, lemon yellow, blue that remind us of the nature that surrounds us. Everything at Roches Rouges highlights this intimacy and recharges our energies. The Roches Rouges hotel is the ideal place to slow down, enjoy the essentials, and reconnect with nature, a place open to a unique view of its kind... In short, an unforgettable paradise on earth. You will fall for it!


The Penates of Reims

The philosophy

“Retro is the New Chic” is the mantra of Pénates de Reims. A place specially created by the duo Anabelle Brun and her companion Brice. In the heart of the historic city of Reims, this bright guest house with clean and immaculate lines is accessorized by objects found by Brice. Annabelle and Brice wanted to preserve the soul of the place while giving it a modern side. Les Pénates de Reims offers its residents the opportunity to acquire all the furniture and decoration of the guest house.

"In its generous distribution, two spaces. Guesthouse #1, where purity reigns supreme. And guesthouse #2, more stylistically marked. Each with an independent kitchen, a bathroom and a living room, these rooms available for rental have everything to delight visitors."

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